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Rizomedia is a small, high quality Italian company. The root of our name (Rizoma, from the Latin Rhizoma) reveals that we love working in “net modality”. Rizomedia, infact, is the core of a network of information and communication professionals and we work according to specific procedures.

Rizomedia offers assistance to foreign businesses promoting their products in Italy, particularly in our territorial area. Specifically, we offer the following services to companies entering the Italian market:

  • Media relations
  • Italian language journalistic content
  • Creation and management of websites in Italian
  • Indexing for search engines in Italian
  • Media planning
  • Organisation of promotional events
  • Press conferences and Italian language press kits
  • Assistance with trade fair promotions and communication, in particular for events held at Bologna and Rimini

We are also skilled and experienced in organising press tours and incentive tours in the area of the Motor Valley: Maranello (Ferrari museum), Modena, Bologna (Lamborghini and Ducati museum) and Imola (race track) and on the famous Adriatic Riviera of Romagna (Ferrara and Ravenna, world heritage sites by Unesco).




We are based in a historic spa town in north-east Italy. We’re in the provincial area of Bologna, home of the oldest university in the western world (founded 1088) and Italy’s gastronomical heart.
Ravenna (capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402 AD) is a half-hour drive away and Imola, central to Italy’s so-called Motor Valley, is nearby. This richly cultural, industrial and historic land is where we have grown and developed both personally and professionally.



We have many years of experience in various fields while our network of professionals can boast an even wider range of specialisations. Our particular fields of expertise include: food and beverage, wine, farming, the environment, tourism, the motor industry, mechanics and technological innovation.

We do not accept work for associations or organisations whose activities can be defined as racist, xenophobic or violent, for direct and exclusive producers of arms, companies that make use of animal testing, businesses or associations that deal with hunting or companies that work with gambling.


rizomedia srl
Via Gandhi, 5
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
+39 051.19.987.13


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