Technologies that read the environment to adjust lights and humidity, the new frontier of the Growing and much design for the Cefla proposal at the Hall 14, booth 14, A01-A02.

The fruit and vegetable department is undergoing a major evolution: the optimisation of space, focused illumination, nebulisation, integrated refrigeration, technologies for the “Growing” sector and for communication with the consumer. All of this is the result of the outstanding work of Cefla Shopfitting’s designers and planners who today are presenting a completely new line for fruit and vegetables hat is functional, modular, innovative and configurable to the needs of the retailer. The new wall display, in which the stainless steel half-moon shelves stand out, verticalises the display with clear advantages in terms of a reduction in area employed and an increase in the visual impact. Any standard Cefla shelf can be used on the structure and, of course, there are options for attaching accessories such as glove holder drawers or wicker baskets. The wall mounted system can also accommodate EPTA refrigerator modules, for displaying fruit juices, blended drinks and vegetables.

The shelves are double angled to enable the optimal display of the goods. All the stainless steel used is AISI 304, which ensures that it can cope even in a humid environment, and that it is highly scratch and shock resistant. A new and decidedly technological feature is the customisable aluminium front, with label holders that are integrated with the bumper profile and tiltable to enable easy reading of prices, even on the lower shelves.