Both will be present at Düsseldorf, with display areas dedicated to the future of retail design.

Cefla will be at Euroshop 2017, the world’s most important retail trade fair, scheduled for 5 to 9 March in Düsseldorf, with the Shopfittng and C-LED Business Units. They will be present at two stands which have been developed with the idea of telling the story of the company which was founded in Italy but has a strongly international character and is deeply rooted in a large number of important markets throughout the world. The Shopfitting stand, which can be found in position A01-A02 of Pavilion 14, and the C-LED stand, which will be at position D39 of Pavilion 9, will both place the emphasis on the technological solutions offered by Cefla to retailers thanks to the Smart Shelving System which incorporates innovative proximity and location-based marketing systems, and is highly configurable thanks to the presence of a Bluetooth beacon that can communicate with the client’s devices, and has special low voltage power supply for the shelving.

“The concept for the Cefla Shopfitting stand,” says architect Luciano Roznik of Allways, who was in charge of designing the project for both stands, “evolves over two different areas, both characterised by specific functions and architectural characteristics. The main area is an island of nearly 300 sq.m, called Look&Learn, which includes the showroom and links the various solutions offered by the Business Unit, the three meeting rooms and the welcome point. Opposite this is the Eat&Meet area, which covers approximately 150 sq.m, where there is a sizeable food court and two terraces dedicated to refreshments. The two areas have different characteristics whilst belonging to a single concept and they are linked by a corridor that will become a kind of gallery passing through what is essentially a single Cefla area. One section that we have concentrated on particularly is the didactic one where the various product ranges are displayed. The area has a touch of added glamour thanks to a red ribbon running both along the ground and vertically, which creates the visual sensation of an authentic red carpet.”

“The concept of the C-LED stand,” continues Roznik, the architect, “has been developed from the need to communicate how the company is able to offer technological solutions in the field of LED lighting. The stand occupies a rectangular area of approximately 40 sq.m and the challenge was to create, in a rather reduced space, a striking area that creates a strong impact, highlighting the C-LED brand, presenting it as an extremely advanced new entry onto the market. The project idea was to create the stand vertically, making the most of the vertical space permitted, with the structures reaching a height of 6 metres.”

Click here to download the sketch concept and the rendering of the stands