The new book wall, the book island for the central area and the possibility of creating a customised turnkey design, are the must-haves of Cefla Shopfitting’s new proposal at Euroshop 2017 (hall 14, stand 14, A01-A02) for bookshops.

Among the many new products and solutions presented by Cefla Shopfitting at EuroShop 2017 is the new design for the area books in retail chains. The retail design of the book area is created to meet the needs of the client, who has the opportunity of seeing the creation of a display in its own style or customised outfitting, made to measure and integrated into the entire line of standard modular furniture.

Thanks to the combination of Evo backpanels and System10 shelves, the new book wall ensures a high load bearing capacity while, at the same time, it is light leaving plenty of room for the volumes on display. This offers retailers the freedom to arrange their display to best effect, and purchasers greater ease of enjoyment of the bookshop’s offerings. In the higher positions the surfaces are slightly inclined to enable customers to read the book spines easily, while below the displays have been designed to allow the retailer to stack the volumes and create attractive shapes for the display. The backpanels can be backlit, thus providing additional space for communication with the consumer, and there is a special sliding panel, positioned in front of the shelf, on which news items or the outstanding features of a particular literary genre can be displayed.

For this product area Cefla Shopfitting also presents a removable central island on wheels, on which books of different sizes can be displayed since it is possible to add display surfaces or raised elements using mini columns and cubes. This particular solution also provides for the possibility of attaching external panels that can support display surfaces or drawers, something that can be carried out very easily because they attach to the structure’s inner rack.

Last but not least, it is also possible to install Bluetooth systems in the bookshop to communicate with the customer’s smartphone and to activate proximity marketing campaigns.