Cefla will be at the world’s most important Retail fair with two stands. Innovation and outstanding design skills constitute the very foundation of our company, a true “retailer’s partner” providing close support at every stage of outlet development.

Design, proximity marketing and lighting: these are the key words of the message Cefla aims to send out at Euroshop 2017, the world’s biggest Retail trade fair, to be held from 5 to 9 March in Düsseldorf. More specifically, Cefla Shopfitting will seek to highlight its role as a partner capable of providing retailers with close support during the entire outlet creation process – from the underlying concept to complete shopfitting of the various departs and installation of the checkouts – including the study and set-up of consumer communication systems. Communication that is ever-more decisive and ever-more technological. A good example of this is digitalization of the sales outlets using integrated proximity marketing devices (e.g. in the shelving). This is exactly what occurs on the Smart Shelving System, the Cefla display system that – in addition to the technical characteristics which make it very high-performance in management and ergonomic terms – lets retailers dialogue with customers’ smartphones. This is made possible via a software platform and a network of transmitter beacons, self-sufficient as regards power thanks to an electrification system that can be installed without having to dismantle the shelf. With this solution, then, users can also power the lighting incorporated in the display, itself another key asset in the Cefla range: at Euroshop, in fact, there will also be a stand dedicated to C-LED, the Cefla company that specialises in the development of cutting-edge LED technology for visual merchandising, interior/outdoor design and industry.

On the product front, Cefla Shopfitting will be exhibiting its top-of-the-range shelves, checkouts and accessories at Euroshop 2017. New arrivals include the System50, a display system designed to be compatible and interchangeable with facilities built by the main European constructors.