The Cefla Group presents the new Lighting Business Unit, the natural evolution of C-LED.
Cefla thus continues to strengthen its position in the lighting and wireless connectivity fields, bringing with it the outstanding know-how gained in the hi-tech lighting sector.

Imola, 12 October 2018The strongly market-oriented multi-business Cefla cooperative announces the establishment of its fifth Business Unit: Cefla Lighting. 

With the Lighting Business Unit – the natural evolution of C-LED – Cefla aims to consolidate its position in the lighting and wireless connectivity fields, bringing with it the outstanding know-how gained in the hi-tech lighting sector.

Like the other Cefla BUs, the mission of Lighting is to create value for our customers with LED-powered products and innovative services that use unique smart technologies.

The Lighting Business Unit will work in synergy with Cefla’s longer-standing businesses, using LED technology in the design of solutions for public lighting, visual merchandising, interior design, indoor lighting and greenhouses. 

The Lighting BU has already entered into an array of joint projects with Cefla Plant Solutions and Cefla Shopfitting.

“The power of working together” is a shared Cefla philosophy that will guide the Lighting BU as it strengthens ties with partners and customers alike. It’s also a philosophy that drives the development – in close collaboration with Italian and international research centres – of innovative products such as those dedicated to growing.

This consolidation has also seen the acquisition of a controlling share in Lucifero’s, a Bologna-based company that develops custom solutions – largely in the contract and retail design fields – which will soon contribute new skills as it works alongside the Cefla BUs.

The creation of the new Lighting BU – comments Alessandro Pasini, new Managing Director of Cefla Lighting – is the continuation of a project, embarked on some time ago, to invest in the creation of value, as recent trialling of the ‘Grow Unit’, of smart lighting and the design of wellness-enhancing light all clearly demonstrate. Just as it laid the foundations for the recognition received during C-LED’s brief life, close collaboration with our partners will play a vital role in our continued growth. The results achieved by C-LED, founded in 2016, instil us with confidence for the future of the new Lighting BU. Thanks to solid daily teamwork with our stakeholders, that future looks very bright indeed.

Cefla Lighting manufactures LED modules, customised in terms of size and optics, colour temperature and chromatic yield. These are used in a variety of fields: from the fast-growing horticulture (greenhouse and indoor) and retail (fresh and refrigerated products) markets to the contract, medical (where high-tech instrumentation demands outstanding quality), outdoor and industrial fields.

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