In agreement with Riccardo Quattrini we wish to announce that he will no longer cover the role of CEO at Cefla. Although the Board of Directors will not be reassigning the role in the near future, a permanent management committee has already been nominated to deal with all the principal coordination activities. The committee is composed of the Board of Directors together with the managers of the different business units (Cefla Finishing, Cefla Plant Solutions, Cefla Medical Equipment, Cefla Shopfitting and C-LED) as well as other components invited according to the topics to be dealt with. In this way, the focus remains on those aspects of team spirit and working together which characterise the company, which, according to forecasts, will almost certainly achieve results in 2016 that will exceed the record high reached in 2015.

This change in governance is not, therefore, motivated by financial or professional reasons, but is exclusively due to strategic and organisational differences which have come to the surface in recent months, with respect to the guidelines drawn up by the Board of Directors who, at Cefla, directly represent the ownership’s point of view.

The company would like to express its gratitude to Riccardo Quattrini for the commitment and hard work he has demonstrated ever since he joined Cefla in 2010, right up to his role as CEO, a position which he covered from June last year until now.